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Food Application Development

Following the texturisation of the base formulation, the application development stage is dedicated to creating a final product that not only mimics the taste and texture of traditional meat but also aligns with consumer preferences and culinary expectations.

This stage involves formulation adjustments to consider flavourings, functional ingredients, nutrition, aroma, and other organoleptic properties essential for the desired product. The team will engage with flavour houses and functional ingredient suppliers to leverage pre-packaged flavours, vitamins, and aromas tailored to the product’s requirements. Additionally, the team will engage in post-processing steps such as shaping, forming, coating, and pre-cooking to achieve the intended culinary experience. Further processing can be done to ensure the desired shelf life before the product undergoes packaging and labelling. Market testing and delivery of objective feedback to the texturisation and food application team are key to achieving further refinement of a successful end product.

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