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Protein Modification

The purified ingredients can be further modified to meet the needs of specific PBM products. In the PBM industry, proteins require specific characteristics that allow them to be easily applied in formulations and contribute to enhanced digestibility and organoleptic properties of the final product. Some desired features include improved water solubility and enhanced functional aspects like emulsification, water- and fat-holding, gelation, and foaming abilities.

Protein modification processes encompass alterations to the sequence or structure achieved through chemical, physical, or biological treatments. Some examples include: 

  1. Salt washing, chemical hydrolysis, and precipitation improve gelation
  2. Heat application modifies structure and reduces antinutrients
  3. Cold plasma treatment enhances functionality and stability
  4. Ball milling boosts hydrophobicity
  5. Sonication improves solubility, emulsification, and foaming
  6. Glycation enhances functionality and stability
  7. Enzyme hydrolysis improves solubility

These scalable protein modification techniques are essential for preparing the PBM ingredients for subsequent texturisation and application development.

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