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Post-processing of the final texturised formulation is employed to achieve the desired end-product shape and form, enhance texture, and pre-cook the product to its ready-to-eat state. Some examples of these are listed below: 

  • Shaping, tearing, and forming PBM products can be done to mimic traditional meat forms, such as burgers, sausages, or nuggets. 
  • Coating, battering, and breading are applied to enhance flavour, create a crispy texture, or provide a protective layer. 
  • Some PBMs are partially or fully cooked—including baking, steaming, or frying—before reaching supermarket shelves or consumers.
  • Marination is employed to infuse flavours into the product. It can involve soaking PBM in a mixture of liquids and spices to enhance taste.
  • Freezing is used for preservation, extending product shelf life, and maintaining quality.
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