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Scale-Up Processes

Scaling up production involves transitioning from small-scale prototypes to commercial quantities. This requires adjustments in ingredient proportions, processing times, and other parameters to maintain product integrity. Pilot plants are employed to optimise the scalability of the production process before investing in full-scale production plants.

Implementing Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) is required to ensure the safety, quality, and hygiene of the manufacturing process. GMP involves environment control, equipment calibrations, and strict operation protocols to prevent contamination.

Scaling up the extrusion process presents many challenges for preserving consistency and quality at a larger scale. Achieving precise control over variables like temperature, pressure, and feed rate, while ensuring uniformity in texture, flavour, and nutritional content across batches, becomes complex with high production volumes. Successful scaling requires adjustments in extruder engineering, formulation, and processing parameters to handle greater throughput. These include addressing challenges related to heat distribution, residence time, and pressure differentials. Cost-effectiveness in the scale-up process is also a concern.

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