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Source / Optimise Ingredients

With a product concept in mind, the formulation team will need a base formulation which is a general combination of proteins, fats, flavourings, texture modifiers, colouring agents, binders, stabilisers, vitamins, minerals, nutrition-fortification supplements, and water. Depending on the formulation needs, low cost, highly functional, and easily processable ingredients must be sourced. 

Firstly, suitable ingredient suppliers that can meet quantity needs and quality standards must be identified. The quality and characteristics of their ingredients—purity, shelf life, nutrition, protein content, etc.—will then need to be verified through supplier audits, on-site visits, and product trials.

Once confirmed, negotiations are needed to detail logistics such as pricing and delivery schedules. It is important to have multiple sourcing options, traceability, and strong partnerships to develop a resilient supply chain.

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