This tool is divided into three sections to enhance your learning experience:

Technology Value
Chain Map

This interactive map provides a holistic view of the roles and functions integral to creating a PBM product. Follow the directional arrows to understand the interconnected steps crucial for product success. Hover over each bubble to delve deeper into the specifics of each step and the associated job archetypes.

Development Phases

To simplify the wealth of information, we’ve segmented the map into three key development phases: Ingredient Development, Product Development, and Manufacturing. This allows you to focus on the distinct steps involved in each phase, aiding a more nuanced understanding of the production process.

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The heart of this tool lies in the Job Archetypes section. Here, you’ll uncover the most pertinent details for those eager to build a career in the industry. Click on the associated archetypes for any step along the process to access comprehensive information, including job descriptions, skills requirements, suitable candidate profiles, and tailored training and education programmes to directly elevate your skills for these roles.